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After many years of producing its high-quality products to customers within the country, Zarir has taken a huge step towards the global market to meet the needs of customers worldwide, because we know what makes customers content and we are certain about the quality of our products. Having these two in mind and as our priority, we are ready to offer our high-quality products internationally. It is worth noting that the demand for our products has been increasing in many countries. To get to know us and talk with our sales experts, fill in the inquiry form on our website and we will have a consultant reach out to you during working hours on all days of the week.

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Country in the world importing most pasta


Macaroni is a type of pasta. This edible substance is mostly produced dry in factories and boiled before eating. The meaning and shape of pasta is different in every country or region. In Italy, macaroni refers to a type of pasta in the form of a short perforated rod. In English, macaroni means a type of short, holey rod-like pasta, but among Italian-Americans throughout Philadelphia and New York, macaroni is a word that refers to all varieties of “pasta.”


Pasta has a lot of energy, like red meat, it contains protein but with little fat. Pasta is one of the most popular foods in the whole world, for its production, fresh wheat flour is used, and in this way, this product can be placed in the category of bread and cereals, which have a lot of energy. The main shopping and selling centers of strip pasta deliver this product in large quantities and at an exceptional price to all our compatriots, and by doing so, it reduces their costs.


Lasagna, which is a type of Italian food, is made of three layers of sheet pasta, special sauce and pizza cheese. There are many types of lasagna and different meats and vegetables are used for its preparation, but the classic type of lasagna is usually cooked with minced meat.

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